Dankonomics Genetics

For over two decades, Dankonomics Genetics have been growing and breeding cannabis strains with unrivaled passion.Dankonomics were born in the prohibition years, back before good herb was regularly available. The founder was surprised how often he was short changed and denied good quality seeds, so began his quest by purchasing seeds from Holland and started to create new lines. After much trial error Dankonomics was created.Dankonomics have now been growing their own strains for over 20 years and thoroughly test all product to ensure good vigour and easy growth by only using elite clones, and elite seed lines, to create even better hybrids.All of the seeds in Dankonomics collection are created in organic recycled soil, with no harsh chemicals, insecticidesor fungicides. All seeds are over-matured, and cured to try to ensure longevity, and vigour.While there are a number of strains that have grown in popularity since the birth of Dankonomics, one in particular has stood out. Dankonomics Genetics are constantly in the laboratory trying and testing new strains and lines as well as working on stabilizing existing lines to ensure many years of high quality cannabis genetics.If you want quality yields, ease of growth, low mould and bug issues, with no hype driven market gimmicks, look no further than Dankonomics Genetics.