Super CBDx

Cannabis comes in many strains. Each one has its own unique chemical profile and that profile determines how you will be affected both physically and emotionally.  Cannabis generally  produces no more than 6% CBD , with a few strains getting up to around 8%-12% maximum (but they are also psychoactive because of high THC levels). SuperCBDx is much more than just a high CBD, low THC (non psycho active) ratio genetics. Ratios are only the tip of the iceberg. How much CBD, THC and other compounds are the plant producing? Only scientific laboratory testing proves what any plant can do. “Show me the test results!!” should be standard practice for medical cannabis genetics!  This is where SuperCBDx leads the field. For the same effort as any other strain SuperCBDx produces much more of what you want/need, in less time than any other plant yet discovered.