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Cannabis Growing Tips – Increase your Yield in 2021

Novice cannabis growers are prone to making mistakes that reduce their yield. Even the best growers also make mistakes especially if they do not follow emerging best practices. If you grow your plants indoor, youre likely to experience more challenges especially if you dont have the relevant experience. By following the below tips, you can minimise the chances of your crop failing and increase their yield.

Use less light

Using less light can be more beneficial for your plants depending on their growth stage, especially if you growth indoors. When they are in vegetative stage, you need to leave your plants exposed to sunlight for between 18 and 22 hours per day. During the flowering stage, you need to reduce the amount of light that your plants are exposed to around 12 hours. Darkness triggers growth at this stage. 

Reduce fertiliser use 

During your cannabis plants growth stages, you need to cut down on fertiliser use. This might sound contrary to what you need to do. However, the reality is that your plants only need minimal nutrients for growth, survival, and to prevent deficiencies. 

Excessive fertile can cause nutrient burn,” a condition that starts at the plantstips and spread to other areas if unaddressed. The affected leaves cannot create and store energy, which reduces the yield of your plant. Besides, excessive fertiliser can have a noticeable effect on the smell and taste of your product, or even lower your yields THC content. 

Airflow is critical

If you grow cannabis indoor, sufficient airflow is exceedingly important. You should ensure the growth space has sufficient ventilation. Adequate airflow assists in preventing nutrient burn. It also prevents the formation of mould on burns.

In conclusion, by following these tips, you increase the chances of maximising the yield of your plants and ensure that it has the right smell, flavour, or THC content. 

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