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Legal Notice

Is It Legal To Buy/Sell Cannabis seeds?

We are based in the United Kingdom where it is legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds and we sell them to collectors for souvenir purposes. However, there are parts of the world where this activity is not allowed and it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with your local laws and regulations.


Germination of cannabis seeds is not allowed in the UK and we will refuse to sell our souvenirs to anyone we think is intending to germinate our seeds. We are also aware that this is also prohibited in certain parts of the world, but the responsibility to comply with your laws is yours. Again, we will refuse to sell our souvenir seeds to our international customers if we think you are intending to germinate them in a country where this is not allowed.

Any information we may provide concerning the germination and growth of cannabis is strictly for interest purposes or for where it is legal to do so. We do not encourage or promote this actively where there are laws criminalising cultivation.

We send our seeds on the understanding and condition that they will not be used in conflict with the laws where out customers are located. We accept no responsibility for products intercepted lost in transit if you place an order from a country where it is illegal.