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Payment Methods

What payment options do you offer?

There are a number of payment methods that we offer, which are as follows:

  • Debit or credit card
  • Cash in the post
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank transfer
  • CashApp

We are happy to accept any one of the above payment methods, although card payment is by far our preferred method and one which everyone is familiar with.


Cash in the post is probably the payment method that we receive the least. However, it is popular with enough of you that we still keep it as an option.


Bitcoin is an increasingly popular method of payment, which does not involve the banks, other payment institutions or third parties.For these reasons we want to promote this method of payment and we will offer a discount of 20% on orders paid for by Bitcoin.

Bank Transfer

We are also happy to accept payment by bank transfer, which is a direct payment from you to us through the banking system.


CashApp is an increasingly popular payment method, which we are seeing more of now

Alternative Methods

However, we are always happy to hear of new methods of payment and if you have a payment method that you would like to buy your souvenir seeds then please drop us a line and we will look at it.