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Returns Policy

  • We do not accept refund or return requests for any reason other than failing to ship the products ordered.
  • Should a product ordered be not available for shipping within 14 days of placing the order, we will refund the amount paid for the order or the part of the order that isn’t available immediately to the same payment method used when placing the order. Please note that this does not apply to cases where a longer delivery period was quoted during the order process.
  • We do not take responsibility over orders lost in mail, with the exception of when Guaranteed Delivery is ordered and paid for, in which case we will replace any order that does not arrive within 45 days of dispatch.
  • We take no responsibility over shipment lost in postage due to incorrect or insufficient details having been provided to us during the checkout process. To ensure delivery, please make sure to provide us your full and correct address and phone number.